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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ


  1. How often do rates change?

Like all major car rental companies, KEVIN SERVICE GROUP rates are subject to change at any time. KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations attempt to provide you the best value every day. Once you confirm your reservation, your rate will not change.

  1. Are your rates guaranteed?

If you have a confirmed reservation that is the price you will pay for that exact itinerary. If your itinerary changes, that could cause your rate to go up or down, depending on the prices in effect when you make your change.
Generally speaking, your best strategy is to confirm the reservation as soon as you know your travel plans. In most cases, you can cancel your reservation any time before the rental date without any penalty, so if you find a better deal, you have the option to cancel and rebook.

  1. What do I need to rent a vehicle from KEVIN SERVICE GROUP?

All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license issued in their country of residence, and an acceptable means of payment as identified in the Locations Policies.
Some locations have additional requirements and restrictions; please check the Locations Policies for your specific rental location.

  1. If my plans change after I have reserved a car, can I modify an existing reservation?

To change an existing reservation you will need to either contact KEVIN SERVICE GROUP Rent A Car for assistance or cancel your original reservation and rebook a new reservation. Please note that a new rental rate may apply when changes are made.

  1. What is your Cancellation Policy?

Most reservations have no cancellation penalty at any time before the scheduled arrival time. Some of our reservations do require advance deposit. In these cases, there may be a charge for late cancellation or no-show. Please review the Rental Restrictions section of the Locations Policy.

  1. What insurance does KEVIN SERVICE GROUP offer?

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW/LDW): This item involves waiving or limiting your personal responsibility for damage to or loss of your rental car.

  • EXTENDED PROTECTION/LIABILITY COVERAGE (EP/SLI): Protection for claims made against you.
  • PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (PAI): Coverage for renters in the event of accidental death or bodily injury for the duration of the rental.
  • PERSONAL EFFECTS COVERAGE (PEC): Coverage for damaged or stolen personal property.

The renter is responsible for any damage to the vehicle or liability that occurs during the rental period. KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations offer Collision Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Insurance that release you from that responsibility. Your personal car insurance, homeowners’ policy, or credit card supplements may provide some coverage. Please check with your insurance agent before your travel date.

  1. What is the minimum age for a renter?

All KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations rent to drivers at least 25 years of age. Most KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations rent to younger drivers age 21 -24 and some locations rent to drivers under age 21. There is usually an extra charge for drivers under age 25, which varies by location as identified in the Local Policy.

  1. What if I have additional drivers?

Most KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations permit additional drivers. Please notify the KEVIN SERVICE GROUP staff when completing your rental agreement as you pick up your vehicle. All additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver. An additional driver surcharge may apply, as identified in the Locations Policy.

  1. Can I pick up my rental at one KEVIN SERVICE GROUP location and return the rental at another location?

Some locations offer one-way rentals to specific locations. Enter your pick-up location, dates and times in the “RESERVE NOW” Vehicle box. If this location supports one-way rentals, the available drop-off locations will be listed in a pull-down after you select “Return to a different location”. Please note that an additional fee may apply and will be automatically added to your estimated total.

  1. What if KEVIN SERVICE GROUP runs out of vehicles?

We try our best to manage our inventory to satisfy every customer reservation. However, there can be cases, such as accidents or late returns, where we do not have the vehicle as planned. Rest assured that KEVIN SERVICE GROUP takes responsibility to make sure you are accommodated at no additional charge, even if we have to arrange for a rental with another car rental company.

  1. What should I do if I didn’t receive a confirmation email for my reservation?

After completing your RESERVATION you should see a confirmation page online and you should also receive an email with your confirmation details. If you did not receive your confirmation email, we recommend that you check the Spam folder in your email program to ensure that your confirmation email was not auto-filtered to that folder. Additionally, you confirmation emails and important updates. If you don’t receive your confirmation email, you can always verify your reservations online.

If you still have trouble receiving the email after doing these things, please contact the KEVIN SERVICE GROUP Reservation Center.( CHO LINK VAO)


  1. If I make a reservation at this site, when will I get charged?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP uses a variety of guarantee options for various locations, vehicle types and itineraries. Some rentals require no payment at time of booking with no penalties if you are unable to fulfill the reservation. Some rentals require you to provide a valid payment card, although charges may not be run on that account at reservation time. Other rentals require a refundable deposit, typically the rental amount for one day. Finally some rentals require full prepayment and may not permit any refunds if you are unable to fulfill the rental. Always check the rules carefully. Place the mouse over this image to see the details. The payment details are also shown with a checkbox on the last page before you confirm the reservation. You must check the box agreeing to the rental rules before we can confirm the reservation for you.

  1. Do you accept cash or debit cards as payments?

This policy varies by location. Before confirming your reservation, please check the Locations Policies for payment information and restrictions.

  1. Are there any hidden costs on the price I was quoted?

The Estimated Total Price includes all mandatory charges, taxes, and fees. There may be additional charges for insurance waivers, special equipment, child seats, additional mileage, fuel or other items as identified on the Locations Policies page. When you proceed through the booking sequence, the Select Options page describes in detail the protection plans and other optional items available with this rental.

  1. If I return the vehicle early, will I receive a refund?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP guarantees the charges for the specific itinerary you requested. If your plans change, we try to make a fair adjustment when possible.

In most cases, if you return the vehicle early, we will recalculate the rate and charge you the rate applicable to the length of time you actually had the vehicle. However, please be aware that a shorter rental may put the costs into a different rate plan. For example a 6-day rental may be calculated with a low weekly rate, but a 5-day rental may actually be higher based on 5 single-day charges.

In the case of prepaid, discounted rentals, there are no refunds for early returns.

  1. Are there any additional considerations if I am traveling internationally?

Most countries recognize valid driver’s licenses issued by other countries. It can be very difficult to settle accident claims internationally, so most international travelers purchase the damage waiver and supplemental liability coverage.

Some locations have additional requirements and restrictions on international rentals. If you wish to rent a vehicle in a country that is not your country of residence, please check the Locations Policies for any additional information and restrictions related to international travel.

  1. Does KEVIN SERVICE GROUP offer any Senior discounts, such as AARP?

Some KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations offer discounts for membership in organizations such as AARP or AAA. These discounts are not factored into the price quoted online. If a location offers such a discount, you will find it listed in the Locations Policies for that location. We suggest you print that policy page and bring it with you on your rental day to ensure you get credit for that discount at the time that you pick up the vehicle.


  1. What kinds of vehicles do you offer?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations offer a wide variety of vehicles. All KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations operate late-model low-mileage fleets — the same vehicles used by the largest chains. All KEVIN SERVICE GROUP cars have less than 40,000 miles and are from the latest two model years.

We offer the following car types:

  • Economy Cars
  • Compact Cars
  • Mid-size Cars
  • Standard Cars
  • Full-size (4 door) Cars
  • Premium Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Convertibles
  • SUVs
  • Mini-van (7 passengers)
  • Full-size Vans

Our web site includes a full description of each car type, including the typical number of passengers and pieces of luggage each will accommodate. Rental car companies carry a variety of makes and models for each car type listed above. As a result, the rental car companies are not able to guarantee the specific make or model you will receive at the rental counter. Requests for non-smoking vehicles should be made at the rental counter. Rental car companies are not able to guarantee the availability of a non-smoking vehicle.

  1. Can I request specific options on my rental vehicle?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP vehicles are configured consistent with industry norms. If you have special needs or special equipment requests, please enter your request on the Select Extras page. Many KEVIN SERVICE GROUP locations offer special equipment such as child/infant seats or GPS navigators. Not all KEVIN SERVICE GROUP operators will have the requested items so please check the Locations Policies page for availability. We will make our best efforts to accommodate your request.

  1. Do I need a special driver’s license to rent a big van?

In most areas, a normal vehicle operator’s license can be used with vans up to 15-passenger capacity. Please check the Locations Policies for any specific requirements.


  1. When I pick up my rental car can I make last minute changes?

Yes. Some changes or modifications to your reservation may affect the rate. Usually modifying your reservation online will give you the best rate and save you time at pick-up.

  1. Are there any guarantees that I will receive the make/model of car I have reserved?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP adheres to the normal industry practice of offering a wide variety of vehicles grouped into industry-standard vehicle classes. Like other car rental companies, KEVIN SERVICE GROUP does not guarantee that you will receive a particular model or color. We do guarantee that we will provide you a vehicle of equivalent size and features or better, at the quoted rate.

If you have a particular model preference, please CONTACT US ( CHO LINK VAO) and we will make our best effort to accommodate your request.

  1. What if my travel is delayed?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP agrees to honor your reservation up to two hours beyond the scheduled arrival, within the office’s normal operating hours. If you are arriving by air and entered your flight information in your reservation, then we make our best efforts to honor your reservation up to four hours beyond the scheduled arrival.

Please understand that if you are delayed, there is a good chance that many other travelers are also delayed, so we may not be able to accommodate your first choice in vehicles, but we will make sure you have a rental at the quoted rate. In all cases, if you know you will be delayed, we advise you to call the rental office directly so they will know when to expect you. This will assure your delays are minimized.


  1. What if I need to keep the vehicle longer than reserved?

The rental agreement is for a specific period as requested in your reservation. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle on or before the return time in the rental agreement. However, we realize that unforeseen events can affect your plans. If it is necessary to return a vehicle late, please contact the rental location using the phone number printed on your rental agreement so that we can make our best efforts to accommodate your change in plans.

However, please understand that we may have promised that vehicle to another customer, based on your promised return time. Please contact us ( ENTER CONTACT LINK OF KSG)as soon as you know of a change in plans.

  1. What should I do if I have an accident or breakdown?

Your safety is our top concern. If you experience an accident, please contact the rental office using the phone number printed on your rental agreement as soon as practical after dealing with all medical issues or imminent danger. If you experience a mechanical breakdown, please contact the rental office as soon as possible after the breakdown so that they can work with you to solve the problem. If practical, you should attempt to contact the rental office before performing or ordering any repairs on the vehicle.


  1. How can I resolve a problem with my KEVIN SERVICE GROUP rental?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP Affiliates pride themselves on offering the highest levels of customer care. If any difficulties arise, please contact the local rental operator for a resolution. If this is not successful, please contact the KEVIN SERVICE GROUP Reservation Center.


  1. What is KEVIN SERVICE GROUP’s privacy policy?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP never divulges your personal information to third parties for marketing, or any other purpose, except as necessary for the successful completion of your rental.

  1. How do I know my personal information and credit card information are secure?

All pages that request or display personal information, including credit card numbers, are protected by a secure HTTPS/SSL connection using High Grade Encryption (up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.). All the information entered on the website is maintained securely and for the sole purpose of completing your car reservation.

  1. Does KEVIN SERVICE GROUP give out my email address?

KEVIN SERVICE GROUP never divulges your email address to third parties for marketing, or any other purpose, except as necessary for the successful completion of your rental.

If you elect to receive ongoing communications from KEVIN SERVICE GROUP, we send occasional emails notifying you of specials, contests or other information you may find useful. We never send more than three of these emails per month and you can opt out of these communications at any time.